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About Us

Executive on Demand (EOD) specialises in Interim Management and Consulting Solutions designed to help businesses thrive in unpredictable environments and in the new business world. With improvement in business performance high on any agenda, EOD delivers executive talent highly experienced in transforming and accelerating business results from revenue and profit growth, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced stakeholder value.

EOD’s flexible working model has proven to be successful across both corporate and founder led businesses. We can tailor a commercial solution and implementation approach to meet your specific business needs.

Our Services

We seek to understand your business challenges and custom design packages
based on your specific business requirements and desired outcomes.

Interim Management

EOD is a progressive approach for filling executive level vacancies or to close a skill gap for an interim period, without the need to add a full-time headcount during uncertain conditions. Interim Management provides a solution of increasing relevance in today’s new working environment.  EOD Sales and Marketing specialists provide businesses the opportunity to access senior executive talent on a full-time flexible basis, or for a fixed term need’s project basis.


EOD consultancy services are designed to work with the leadership team to unlock a clear strategic direction and priorities, navigate what is required to close the gap between strategy and action, build trusted brands in market, step change performance and culture, and provide support to access business improvement and efficiencies.

Our Testimonials

We have supported a number of companies to achieve their goals and look
forward to helping you unlock your potential.

Paul, Pump Group Australia

Chairman & CEO

Lori and Donna have been instrumental change agents in the PGA business delivering a step change in strategic commercial decision making, fostering a team-based culture attracting and retaining high calibre talent, and driving improvements in working capital, strengthened customer relationships and increased governance to support business outcomes.

Nicole West – The SkinShark

General Manager

I have had the honour of working with Executive On Demand on a few large scale projects that have been game changing for our organisation. It is not often that one finds such perfect synergy with an agency/client team that leads to briefs and output always landing on perfection with minimal back and forth. Lori and Donna are a delight to work with. They work quickly and the quality of the output is world class. They have been instrumental in the growth of our business and have been a pillar of support to me personally when needed.